On site, Planet Computers offers networking and computer support and network installation for all businesses who need to be able to link up to all the computers on a site. "We sell multi media computer products and computer furniture. Do not be intimidated by the technology or the jargon, come and see us, we are only too pleased to give helpful advice and suggestions."

It is estimated that over 70% of computer repair technicians aren't experienced enough to fix most computer problems accurately. Just like any other technical repair field nothing beats experience.

We have been professionally repairing computers and laptops for over many years and we have the experience it takes to fix your computer fast. Because of our experience and efficiency we able to get the job done for any computer repair, data recovery may be a few more dollars. You will receive the highest quality service at the absolute lowest price. Most computers will be repaired in less then 24 hours, with a 90 day warranty.